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Grace Nweke

  • GS
  • DOB: 06/02/2002
  • Height: 193cm

Still in the infancy of her career, towering shooter Grace Nweke has made a meteoric rise in all aspects of her game since starting out as a schoolgirl in 2019 ahead of being elevated from training partner to fulltime member of the Mystics. Coming into her fifth season with the Mystics in 2023, the 1.93m Nweke has continued to excel, climbing to new heights over the past couple of years through her improved body strength and movement. Born in New Zealand, and of Nigerian descent, Nweke has quickly grabbed the spotlight with her prowess under the hoop, her temperament and athletic ability. Nweke completed 2022 in style when anointed the joint winner of the Dame Lois Muir Supreme Award and is destined for a long elite level career. A scoring machine, Nweke is a pillar of strength under the Mystics hoop and looks set to continue her growing stature.

Stats by season

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