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Greer Sinclair

  • WD
  • GD
  • C
  • DOB: 25/09/2000
  • Height: 182 cm

Up-and-coming midcourter Greer Sinclair gained her first full contract with the move south to the Tactix last year. She returns in 2024 after missing the second half of last season through injury. Sinclair made a name for herself in 2022 after playing for three different ANZ Premiership teams when Covid had a major impact. A training partner for the Stars, Sinclair also lined up for the Magic and Mystics when a player loan system was introduced to help teams deal with Covid-19 related absences. That included playing in three different positions, wing defence, centre and goal defence. Sinclair has plenty of strings to her bow, offering height from wing defence and versatility through the midcourt. After three seasons as a training partner, two with the Stars and one with the Magic, Sinclair has all the credentials to push on with the Tactix.

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