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Sarahpheinna Woulf

  • GK
  • GD
  • WD
  • DOB: 19/02/2000
  • Height: 182cm

Growing up in Australia, the versatile and highly talented Sarahpheinna Woulf was signed by the Sunshine Coast Lightning as 17-year-old, in a nod to her potential. Elevated from training partner to the fulltime squad for the 2018 season, the teenager’s hopes were dashed when she suffered a serious knee injury in a practice match. The 1.82m Woulf made a strong comeback in 2019 and has subsequently attended several national training camps in Australia. Able to play both ends of the court, Woulf is predominantly a defender, capable of filling all three positions at the back end of the court.

Stats by season

Goals 0
Goal attempts 0
Goal percentage 0.00
Centre pass receives 4
Rebounds (Off) 0
Rebounds 0
Deflections 7
Pickups 4
Intercepts 2
Turnovers 4
Contact penalties 16
Obstruction penalties 5
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 21
Minutes played 97
Matches played 7
Feeds 0