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Maia Wilson

  • GS
  • DOB: 21/09/1997
  • Height: 187.5cm

Returning Stars shooter, Maia Wilson has had a memorable career in just a few short years on the main stage.

The precocious talent was a Silver Fern by the end of her debut season (2016) at the elite level. Blessed with an unflappable temperament, accuracy, strong netballing nous and maturity beyond her years, Wilson is an outstanding young talent and poised to leave a considerable mark on the game. She was a key performer in the NZU21 team’s unbeaten run to the World Youth Cup title in 2017 while also being part of the FAST5 Ferns triumphant surge to the World Series title in 2016.

Stats by season

Rebounds 0
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 30
Goal attempts 614
Deflections 9
Rebounds (Off) 23
Contact penalties 28
Matches played 14
Centre pass receives 0
Obstruction penalties 1
Minutes played 816
Turnovers 104
Goal percentage 82.90
Pickups 15
Intercepts 1
Goals 509
Feeds 23