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Grace Nweke

  • GS
  • DOB: 07/02/2002
  • Height: 193cm

Towering schoolgirl shooter Grace Nweke has had a meteoric rise after being elevated from training partner to fulltime member of the Mystics playing squad in very quick succession.

It has been an impressive start to a career at the elite level for the 1.93m Avondale College student who made her debut in Round Three of this year’s competition and after the completion of Round Six had become a fully-fledged member of the team. Born in New Zealand, and of Nigerian descent, the 17-year-old Nweke has grabbed the spotlight with her shooting accuracy, temperament and athletic ability on court. A richly talented player, Nweke is an exciting prospect.

Stats by season

Rebounds 0
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 27
Goal attempts 545
Deflections 8
Rebounds (Off) 72
Contact penalties 25
Matches played 13
Centre pass receives 0
Obstruction penalties 2
Minutes played 581
Turnovers 59
Goal percentage 82.40
Pickups 7
Intercepts 0
Goals 449
Feeds 3