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Georgia Heffernan

  • DOB: 10/07/1999
  • Height: 181cm

Promising shooter Georgia Heffernan returns to the Steel in 2022 after missing all of last season while recovering from a serious knee injury. A training partner with the Steel for two years, Heffernan got her first full contract in 2020 before being dealt a cruel injury blow. She will, once again, team up with her identical twin sister Kate at the Steel. Previously an accomplished performer with the Southern Blast National Netball League team, Heffernan had a handful of games for the Steel during that time while also appearing for the team at Super Club level. Heffernan has a strong sporting pedigree, also being a talented cricketer, and played for the Otago Sparks before making netball her priority. She is the daughter of former Silver Fern Annette Heffernan.

Stats by season

Goals 140
Goal attempts 192
Goal percentage 72.90
Centre pass receives 128
Rebounds (Off) 5
Rebounds 0
Deflections 3
Pickups 11
Intercepts 1
Turnovers 70
Contact penalties 26
Obstruction penalties 6
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 32
Minutes played 554
Matches played 15
Feeds 199