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Filda Vui

  • GS
  • WA
  • GA
  • DOB: 16/04/1996
  • Height: 180cm

Shooter Filda Vui has been elevated from training partner to fully contracted player for the Mystics in 2021. After three years playing in the Beko League for the Northern Marvels, Vui made full use of her status as a training partner, appearing in several cameo performances during the Mystics 2020 campaign. Not looking out of place, Vui took her opportunities with both hands, displaying promise and poise in her general play and shooting ability. With plenty of hard work put in behind the scenes in recent years and a taster of elite level netball, Vui is well prepared to put that into practise fulltime.

Stats by season

Goals 5
Goal attempts 6
Goal percentage 83.30
Centre pass receives 7
Rebounds (Off) 0
Rebounds 0
Deflections 1
Pickups 0
Intercepts 0
Turnovers 2
Contact penalties 0
Obstruction penalties 0
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 0
Minutes played 17
Matches played 1
Feeds 1