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Anna Harrison

  • GK
  • GD
  • WD
  • DOB: 15/04/1983
  • Height: 188cm

After hanging up her bib in 2018, long-limbed defender Anna Harrison comes out of retirement to join the Stars after spending her previous elite level career with cross-town rivals the Mystics. The 37-year-old will act as a mentor to her up-and-coming fellow defenders while providing the experience and competitive edge on court. A formidable opponent across all three defensive positions, Harrison’s aerial ability, long reach and timing were key attributes during an exceptional career and pivotal in her first selection to the Silver Ferns as a 19-year-old in 2002. A menacing presence while adding variety at the defensive end, Harrison has refined her craft over the years, is the ultimate competitor and a proven match winner.

Stats by season

Goals 0
Goal attempts 0
Goal percentage 0.00
Centre pass receives 33
Rebounds (Off) 0
Rebounds 14
Deflections 66
Pickups 15
Intercepts 39
Turnovers 11
Contact penalties 110
Obstruction penalties 116
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 226
Minutes played 870
Matches played 15
Feeds 2