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2024 ANZ Premiership to celebrate a century of history

2024 ANZ Premiership to celebrate a century of history

During Netball New Zealand’s centenary year, the 2024 ANZ Premiership will shine a light on netball’s incredible legacy with the upcoming season’s schedule confirmed today.

The 2024 campaign opens with the AVIS Magic playing host to reigning champions the MG Mystics on Saturday April 13 in Hamilton, marking the beginning of a season set to make its mark on the sport's storied journey.

Over the course of 15 rounds, fans will see 45 regular season matches unfold at 12 different venues across New Zealand.

This season bids farewell to double-headers, embracing a more focused and engaging netball experience.

As the regular season comes to a close on July 22, the focus shifts to a two-match Finals Series with an Elimination Final leading into the Grand Final.

League General Manager Emma Fowlie said they were already looking forward to next year’s ANZ Premiership following one of the tightest competition’s this year since the league’s inception in 2017.

“Netball fans around the country were kept on the edge of their seats this year not knowing who was going to make the Finals Series right up until the last round of the regular season,” she said. 

“This year’s ANZ Premiership went down to the wire which only confirms that the league continues to grow in stature.”

She said next year’s ANZ Premiership would play a vital part in the start of another four-year-cycle for the Silver Ferns following this year’s Netball World Cup in South Africa.

“The ANZ Premiership is a vital cog in our high performance programme and there is always a lot of interest in the players stepping forward and ready to make an impact at a higher level.”

Fowlie said there were no restrictions on the length of this year’s ANZ Premiership due to the fact there were no pinnacle netball events in 2024.

“This will again change the approach teams take to preparing for the ANZ Premiership with a more traditional feature that all sides will be playing just one game each week.”

As the legacy of a century resound, the 2024 ANZ Premiership stands as a tribute to not only the game's evolution but also the unyielding spirit of players, coaches, volunteers, and fans who have woven their passion into the fabric of the sport.

From its early days as a modified version of basketball, netball gradually shaped its identity. The evolution from a nine-a-side game to seven marked a pivotal moment, allowing for more intricate strategies and enhancing the dynamics on the court.

The shift to netball in 1970 encapsulated the essence of this transformation, cementing the sport's unique identity.

In a tribute to this history, a special centenary exhibition is set to grace the Auckland Museum in late 2024, providing a tangible narrative of the sport's evolution.

This exhibit promises to be a living reflection of the century's journey, showcasing the stories, triumphs, and individuals that have shaped netball into a beloved national treasure.

As excitement builds for Netball New Zealand's centenary, the 2024 ANZ Premiership stands as a tribute to a century of passion, unity, and triumph.

All games will be broadcast live on Sky Sport, along with comprehensive coverage on the ANZ Premiership website and league social channels.