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Storm Purvis

  • GK
  • GD
  • DOB: 20/04/1993
  • Height: 186cm

Hampered by injury during 2018, Storm Purvis makes the move across town from the Mystics to the Stars in 2019 where she will join a versatile defensive line-up.

A talented track runner growing up, Purvis has used that athletic ability to etch out an impressive record on the netball court. Deceptively quick, coupled with a long reach, has helped fashion Purvis into a dangerous in-circle defender. Speed has helped her become a handy roamer for turnovers while strength in the air has been a key advantage in the rebounding stakes. Purvis captained the NZU21 team to the World Youth Cup title in 2013 and she went on to make her Silver Ferns debut in 2016.

Stats by season

Rebounds 13
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 114
Goal attempts 0
Deflections 38
Rebounds (Off) 0
Contact penalties 63
Matches played 14
Centre pass receives 13
Obstruction penalties 51
Minutes played 642
Turnovers 11
Goal percentage 0
Pickups 18
Intercepts 19
Goals 0
Feeds 0