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Ameliaranne Ekenasio

  • GS
  • GA
  • DOB: 11/01/1991
  • Height: 186cm

After spending seven years with the Pulse, silky-smooth shooter Ameliaranne Ekenasio makes the move north to the Magic in 2022. With a spectacular high-arching shot, Ekenasio is a naturally talented all-round athlete who excels from the goal attack position. Ekenasio’s consistency in all facets of play took her game to new levels during a defining 2019 season. A fine mover and ball handler, Ekenasio is a confident long-range shooter who put the icing on a memorable year as a key cog in the Silver Ferns 2019 World Cup-winning triumph. She was also part of the World Series-winning FAST5 Ferns team in 2018 and embellished her leadership credentials when assuming the Silver Ferns captaincy in 2020. Ekenasio returns to the ANZ Premiership after missing the 2021 season due to pregnancy

Stats by season

Goals 166
Goal attempts 196
Goal percentage 84.70
Centre pass receives 39
Rebounds (Off) 8
Rebounds 0
Deflections 3
Pickups 9
Intercepts 0
Turnovers 24
Contact penalties 8
Obstruction penalties 0
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 8
Minutes played 420
Matches played 9
Feeds 60