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Symbol of victory: the ANZ Premiership trophy

Symbol of victory: the ANZ Premiership trophy

47 matches. 13 Rounds. 6 teams. 1 winner.

The ANZ Premiership, heralding a new era of Netball in New Zealand, has captured the hearts and minds of Netball fans around the globe.

A sport steeped in history and a source of national pride; the battle for on-court supremacy now captured in a masterpiece honouring the fierce rivalries and strength showcased in the league.

The trophy is the culmination of four months of workmanship and artistry from some of the nation’s best, all under the guidance of Emblems New Zealand.

Featuring two silver spheres wrapping themselves around a Netball; representing the past and the future of this great game, its colours symbolic of New Zealand and mounted on a sturdy wooden base.

From the roar of the crowd, to the blood, sweat and tears – countless hours of preparation all with one goal in mind – the ultimate victory.

ANZ Premiership Netball. Made From More.