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Kelly Jury

  • GK
  • GD
  • DOB: 21/10/1996
  • Height: 192cm

Impressive defender Kelly Jury has pushed her game to new levels and will back for a fourth season with the Pulse in 2023. The last line of defence in the custodian’s position of goalkeeper, the long-limbed Jury had a standout 2022 season, leading to her being crowned the Dame Lois Muir Supreme Award winner and ANZ Premiership Player of the Year, where her consistency and ability to turn ball over were constant highlights. The rangy defender topped the intercept and deflection counts across all players during the 2022 season. At 1.92m, Jury is one of the tallest defenders in the country, a constant threat with her disruptive lean and rebounding ability while adding another dimension with her ball hunting skills. Unassuming and with an unflappable temperament, she thrived with the co-captaincy duties. Jury made her Silver Ferns debut in 2017, the same year she played an instrumental role in the NZU21 team’s title-winning exploits at the World Youth Cup.

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