Kate Lloyd

  • GK
  • GD
  • DOB: 10/06/1996
  • Height: 192cm

Former Ashburton College student Kate Lloyd is a talented defender who was elevated to the Silvermoon Tactix during the 2017 season.

Making her mark during the Beko Netball League, Lloyd has made a number of handy cameo appearances throughout the ANZ Premiership, bringing added height to the Tactix defensive end. She was recently selected in the NZU21 team for Netball World Youth Cup Gaborone 2017.

Goals 0
Goal attempts 0
Goal percentage 0.00%
Centre pass receives 4
Rebounds 0
Deflections 2
Intercepts 3
Turnovers 0
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 17
Rebounds (Off) 0
Pickups 5
Contact penalties 10
Obstruction penalties 7
Minutes played 65
Matches played 6