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Hannah Glen

  • GS
  • GA
  • DOB: 12/11/2000
  • Height: 189cm

After being a training partner in 2021, shooter Hannah Glen makes the step up to fully contracted Tactix player in 2022. A member of the Mainland National Netball League team, local Christchurch girl Glen also spent time on the Tactix bench last season which resulted in a couple of cameo on-court appearances. A member of the NZU21 team, Glen is not a complete stranger at this level but now gets the opportunity to compete in top company on a regular basis.

Stats by season

Goals 40
Goal attempts 52
Goal percentage 76.90
Centre pass receives 1
Rebounds (Off) 2
Rebounds 0
Deflections 2
Pickups 3
Intercepts 0
Turnovers 11
Contact penalties 1
Obstruction penalties 0
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 1
Minutes played 101
Matches played 5
Feeds 10