Gina Crampton

  • C
  • WA
  • DOB: 07/12/1991
  • Height: 174cm

Building on the depth of quality in her game and growing maturity, midcourter Gina Crampton will be back for a seventh season with the Steel in 2018.

The gritty wing attack, who also plays centre, shows speed and drive off the line combined with a deft feeding ability into the shooting circle. Winner of the Aspiring Silver Fern award in 2015, Crampton backed it up with the NZ ANZ Championship Player of the Year in 2016. She made her Silver Ferns debut the same year.

Goals 0
Goal attempts 0
Goal percentage 0.00%
Centre pass receives 422
Rebounds 0
Deflections 10
Intercepts 3
Turnovers 22
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 28
Rebounds (Off) 1
Pickups 14
Contact penalties 26
Obstruction penalties 2
Minutes played 941
Matches played 16