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Ellie Bird

  • GS
  • DOB: 22/03/1993
  • Height: 196cm

Promoted from the Mainland Beko Netball League team to the Tactix during 2017, rookie shooter Ellie Bird made an impressive impact.

Promoted to full Tactix status for 2018, the 1.94m Bird offers a towering presence under the hoop while looking to build on her promising credentials. As the tallest player in the competition, Bird is an exciting long-term prospect and a valuable asset for the Tactix in terms of her volume and rebounding ability.

Stats by season

Rebounds 0
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 23
Goal attempts 350
Deflections 4
Rebounds (Off) 26
Contact penalties 18
Matches played 9
Centre pass receives 0
Obstruction penalties 5
Minutes played 377
Turnovers 49
Goal percentage 77.70
Pickups 0
Intercepts 1
Goals 272