Bailey Mes

  • GS
  • GA
  • DOB: 27/05/1987
  • Height: 187cm

Resilience has been an enduring quality for shooter Bailey Mes who is back with the Mystics in 2018.

Overcoming a challenging start to her career, Mes has gone on to become a cornerstone of any team she plays for and adds a wealth of experience. The talented shooter went on to make her Silver Ferns debut in 2012, before bouncing back from a serious knee injury to cement her credentials. Humble and hard-working, Mes is a dynamic player with an impressive vertical jump, strong defensive qualities and an ability to switch seamlessly between both shooting roles.

Goals 475
Goal attempts 549
Goal percentage 86.52%
Centre pass receives 0
Rebounds 0
Deflections 10
Intercepts 1
Turnovers 49
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 39
Rebounds (Off) 56
Pickups 15
Contact penalties 36
Obstruction penalties 3
Minutes played 944
Matches played 16