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Rore making the most of new challenges

Rore making the most of new challenges

Silver Fern defender Katrina Rore feels like she is on a second honeymoon and has also re-acquainted herself with the kitchen during her enforced stay at home.

s New Zealand continues its national lockdown, the Te Wānanga o Raukawa Pulse captain has been making the most of her extended time at home.

She said she and new husband, Joel, felt like they were on a second honeymoon having only got married just over a year ago.

“We’re fine, my husband and I, it’s our two-person bubble,” she said.

“I get to have a second honeymoon with Joel and pretend we’re on this amazing holiday. We’re making the most of it.”

While she missed being able to play and train with her ANZ Premiership team-mates, Rore said she was fortunate to have gym equipment on hand.

They purchased a small whiteboard before shops closed their doors to write down their workouts during the lockdown and plan the days ahead.

“We know exactly what we want to get done so that both of us benefit from it,” she said.

“And it’s not just netball specific. It’s quite good for me to change things up because we don’t know when we’ll get back on a netball court and how long this lockdown is going for.

“If I’m not changing it up it’s going to get mentally really tough, so we’re just trying to have some fun – Joel gets to choose the workout one day and I’ll choose the exercise the next day.”

But Rore said it was important not to focus just on fitness or stress about ticking off all the “chores and things” that needed to be done around home.

“We’ve been so busy before this that we’re trying to pretend that we’re on holiday,” she said.

“We’re pretending that we’re in our own little Fiji bubble.”

It was also an opportunity to sneak in a few treats.

“We’ve been smashing back the double-coated Tim Tams,” she said.

“Joel has a milo and I have a cup of tea and we’ve been doing the Tim Tam slam and it’s our wee addiction.

“We’ve also had to cook every night, which we don’t normally do, so that’s been an interesting challenge but I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”

Rore has however missed her ‘long black’ and scone from her local café and said that would be one of her first stops when the national lockdown is lifted.

“We’re trying to re-enact the café at home, but it’s just not quite the same,” she said with a laugh.